Stop throwing away your best creative time and energy on other people’s priorities and start getting seen and known for your creative vision.

Authentic Visibility is a 6-month program for creatives who (think they) hate marketing.

Our approach is aligned with the concerns of artists and creatives, not B-school bros and Instagram influencers. 

You’ll learn simple, clear methods to build a relationship with a passionate audience using empathy and creativity, in full alignment with your ethics and values, and clear self-defined boundaries to protect your safety.

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You want a way to show up without feeling spammy or scammy.

A way to attract true fans who are there because they want to engage with you and your work. 

A clear framework to understand which parts of yourself and your story belong to the world— and which don’t. 

You don't just want to be visible, you want Authentic Visibility.

This program is designed to be simple and fast, and to give you a strong mastery of the basics. You can learn and implement at your own place, so that you never fall into the overwhelm trap. And you’ll be able to get answers to all your questions from a community of creatives in every discipline and field who are doing the work with you. 

With Authentic Visibility, you’ll be able to:

  • Build your audience to simply share your work with more people
  • Finally feel confident talking about your work and yourself as an artist whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Take your hobby into the pro zone: start a side hustle or escape your day job
  • Take a side hustle up a notch and tame the overwhelm
  • Build your professional identity around the work you’re most proud of
  • Understand how to build an audience of raving fans who can’t wait to consume your work — and pay for it.
  • Or build your audience for your existing business
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Authentic Visibility puts the power in your hands to build an audience for your creative work so that you can make more money, spend more time creating, and build the confidence and pride that you’re a professional creative.

The idea of “Authentic Visibility” really resonated with me, and I wanted to learn more about how I can show up as an individual, rather than how I felt before, which was kind of like “fake it till you make it.”

I just thought I wasn't capable of coming at it from the perspective of being very true to who I am.

Whenever I come into this, it's rewiring my brain so that when I hear marketing, or if I'm trying to sell something, it doesn't feel icky. I'm showing up authentically, and I'm finding people who not only want to buy my stuff, they need my stuff in order to get to the next step in their goals.

And that's what I feel whenever I hear the words "authentic visibility." It's more than just marketing, because you're not just trying to sell something, it's tied to who you are as a person.


I was surprised at how my attitude toward marketing changed once I started with my values. I think what made me reluctant to create an email list is that it is a very clear demonstration of that commitment to having a relationship with customers, with an audience, and to producing stuff for them.

I recognized that I hadn’t made that commitment to come up with that content. So it was a reality check for me. But it helped me recognize that content is essential toward building an audience and that, if I'm going to do this, I have to make that commitment, and find a way to fit that into my life.


Pop in your email and I’ll send you a special link to save up to $200 off the price of enrollment👇👇👇

Hi, I'm Jessica Abel! 

I've been a working professional cartoonist and author for over 25 years, and I help serious creatives get their most important work off the back burner and out into the real world. 

My simple, achievable, down-to-earth Creative Focus methodology has helped thousands of creative people stop letting other people hijack their priorities, and start finishing and launching the work they know matters most

No matter how long you've been trying—and failing—to take control of your focus and productivity, you can do this!

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